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All we want is a full length trailer and some more stills.

I became a fan of The Hunger Games through my sisters. I promised I’d go to the London European film premiere with them. Then a few weeks prior I got the books and read them in a week. I couldn’t put them down.  I hadn’t seen much of the trailers/really been invested in the campaign since I wasn’t  in that deep. I had an amazing experience at The Hunger Games premiere where I even got to see the film!

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Mockingjay Part 1 posters spotted in NYC at 52nd and Broadway by @PaigingLauren

I’m sorry you had to cancel your wedding. I know how devastating that must be for you.

On the seventy-fifth anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that even the strongest among them cannot overcome the power of the Capitol, the male and female tributes will be reaped from their existing pool of victors.

not just beautifuldark and powerful.

So if you have the new Our Leader the Mockingjay app if you have location settings on you’ll be aware that it shows your exact location on a map (it did on mine anyway.) I have no idea if it shares it with others because I promptly closed the app (there is no way I want people to find me) and went and changed the privacy settings on the app.

On iOS go to Privacy > Location Services > the app is named Mockingjay and  then slide it so it’s off.

It should no longer give away your location.


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