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Josh Hutcherson attends the premiere for Escobar: Paradise Lost at the Rome Film Festival on 19th October 2014

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Amazing Photos of Sam Claflin at the ‘Love, Rosie’ Q&A in Rome today! Thanks to Alessio Marinacci [credit]

We played around a little bit with how much we see of what’s happening to them. I think we’ve landed on something that feels right to me. We definitely shot more than we used. —Francis Lawrence on how much we’ll see of Peeta and Johanna in The Capitol (X)
We had to do a lot of Coin creation with Suzanne, the writer, and also with Julianne Moore. [Suzanne] is filled with tons of back story on people and mythological elements, so there’s so much information. While I was shooting Catching Fire, she and I would sit down on weekends and go through [Mockingjay]. We broke out the book together and she wrote outlines while working with Peter Craig, who did the majority of work on the scripts. She’s always up for the expansion, which is fun, and I think she gets a kick out of imagining things that are happening alongside the books. —Francis Lawrence on Suzanne Collins’ approval and participation in any changes they made to the Mockingjay narrative (X)

"To protect you."

We had already been shooting for about five weeks when Catching Fire was released, and you could see and feel the reaction people had to the end of the movie. It affected our approach to her character and her state of mind. Although she is damaged, it’s about modulating the right kind of damage so you still have some of that fierce determination, anger, and suspicion. It’s balancing all of that with fragility because there’s not much fragility in that look at the end of Catching Fire, so it was about finding the nuance of her damagedness. I have to say Part 1 was probably one of the most complex movies I’ve done in terms of tracking a character’s emotional state. It’s so specific, and you have to be so careful not to go down the wrong path. It would be so easy for the fine tuning of the performance to go off - not because of anybody’s fault - but it’s literally making the right choices to go down the right path. But I think Jen did a great job and I’m really pleased. —Francis Lawrence on their approach to Katniss’ vulnerability in Mockingjay Part 1 (X)
[Both films] say something different and that’s one of the reasons that the split works. I think they are two distinct stories within a larger story so thematically, each one’s a little different. It was about figuring out where that end is for Part 1 that tells the story properly. That gives us a range and, within that range, we played around with where exactly it is, and for what effect, but I’m really happy with the way Part 1 ends. —Francis Lawrence on the Mockingjay split (X)